HBLFC Cable End Connector


Hubbell HBLFC Cable End Connector – Insul-lock Plus- Female (Black)

Insul-Lock™ Plus products are miniature devices that provide cost-effective power connections to support LED lighting, multiple-screen video walls, stage lighting, and other applications.
With a black body design, Insul-Lock Plus devices blend into the applications in which they are used. Featuring a durably constructed body, the device is made of impact-resistant thermoplastic that’s ideal for portable power distribution in entertainment venues, stadiums, arenas, exhibit halls, broadcast studios, and auditoriums.
These devices are 20A 250vAC rated, can be used outdoors. They are also rated for safe power disconnection while still under load. These devices also comply with NEC 520.68 for extra-hard usage portable cable in power stage equipment, accepting up to 12/3 AWG SO cables.
Insul-Lock Connectors and Panel Mounts are UL 50E enclosure type 4X and IP65 rated when used with a mating connector or a panel-mount, watertight cover (spring-loaded or bean chain covers are available).
The Insul-Lock Plus line is ideal for demanding entertainment and lighting applications that require durability and reliability. For ease of use, the connectors also feature a quick-release, vibration-resistant latch.
Features & Specifications: HBLFC Insul-Lock™ Plus, Locking female cable connector, power out, screw terminals ■ Insulgrip style body design ■ Accepts up to #12/3 AWG SO cable ■ 3-Wire ■ Multiple strain relief collets to accommodate a wide range of cables ■ Disconnectable under load ■ Industry-standard mating ■ UL Enclosure Type 4X and IP65 rated ■ Power Input: up to 250 vAC ■ Current Draw: 20 amps ■ Size: 0.91″ x 3.17″ x 0.91″ ■ Weight: 0.1 kgs/.22 lbs ■ Color: Black ■ Material: Thermoplastic ■ Contacts: Copper Alloy

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