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Part 1 Introduction to IEC Pin and Sleeve Wiring Devices

Every major electrical wiring device manufacturer produces pin and Sleeve Devices. Most have a complete line of IEC 309 devices. Companies like Hubbell, Mennekes, Walther Electric, and PCE have been making them for years. 

I will walk you through just a few of the advantages of the Pin and Sleeve devices. When finished, you should feel confident in your knowledge of why you should start using these great connectors.

Pin and Sleeve Safety

Pin and Sleeve devices are some of the safest electrical wiring devices on the market today.

  • Insulated non-metalic body
  • OSHA Compliant Lockout/Tagout
  • Shroulded Male Pins
  • Sequential Contact Engagement. Ground Pin maks contact and first breaks last
  • Watertight
  • Powerful Cord Grip
  • Compatible with all other brands
  • CSA/Ul Listed

Part number decoding

Let us look at the Pin and Sleeve part number structure. One, in particular, HBL560C9W, is manufactured in America by Hubbell Wiring Devices. The first three letters, HBL, is what Hubbell designates in their product line as Heavy Duty. The North American offering is 20 amp,30 amp, and 100 amp. Voltages range from 125 volts up to 600 volts in both single and three-phase. 

The Key to the International Electric Code (IEC 309), a worldwide designation, starts with the first number.  

Let us break down the numbers in this part number.

picture of connector being decoded-HBL560C9W
The First Number

Five = The number of conductors it takes to wire it correctly. 

The Second Two or Three Numbers

Sixty = Represent Ampacity of 60 amps.

Another part number Example HBL5100P9W
  • 100 = 100 amps
 The First Letter  

 C = Female Connector. 

        Three Other Options. 
Other Pin and Sleeve devices 

 The last number(s)

Nine = 120/208 Volt 9Hr Female sleeve Postion

Represent Volts and Ground contact location  
The Last Letter
IEC Pin Location Chart for pin and sleeve connectors
IEC 60309

W = Watertight (IP69K).

We have just begun to scratch the surface. Stay for more information on how buying a better wiring device will save you money!

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